2021_Körp(er)Innerung – [Inside Body Memory]

2021_Körp(er)Innerung[Inside Body Memory]

The work Körp(er)Innerung [Inside Body Memory] deals with the phenomenon of the divergence between knowledge and perception. While modern anatomy with its founder Andreas Vesal(ius), 1514-1564, puts morphological thinking in medicine and the formal description of the human body in the foreground, the question of subjective body perception remains, up until today, an open one.

Similar to many other sensoric mpressions, such as the perception of primary colors, there is a broad social agreement at the base.

That’s red, that’s blue, that’s yellow.
There is a bone, there is a muscle, there is a joint.

With all the information available in our time, it is easy to get an anatomically correct picture of the body and its composition. Nevertheless, the body can also be validly perceived and read as a storage medium for life experiences.

Where is it pulling? Where is it locking itself? Where is the problem?
How are pain and other bodily sensations, which stem from a pre-linguistic perception, visualizing themselves inside the restrictions of anatomical knowledge?

The layer of the ink drawing is based on illustrations of an anatomy textbook, while the colored interventions are fed from empirical status research – the perception of one’s own body and its sensations.

In this way, the question of the body as a storage medium and the various layers of bodily perception are scanned and visualized in this work.